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預訂下一本HWMR書籍(繁體中文),Making Ourselves Ready for the Lord’s Coming, 我們將於08月07日開始。訂單將持續到2023年07月23日。之後,您可以訂購直接從 預訂。

價格:5.00 美元,截至07 月23 日
07 月 24 日至 08 月 06日 6.00 美元
對於 07 月23 日之後下的任何訂單,我們將在下一本書(?)到來時替換它。

Pre-order the next HWMR book (in Traditional Chinese), Making Ourselves Ready for the Lord’s Coming, which we will start on August 7, 2023.  Orders will be accepted through July 23, 2023.  After that, you can order the book directly from

Price: $5.00 through July 23, 2023; $6.00 thereafter
If your order is placed through the church after July 23, 2023, we will substitute the next book (TBD) when it comes.